Special Announcement!

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

On Saturday, June 13, 2020, Bishop Brennan will ordain three new priests for the Diocese of Columbus. One of them is Seth Keller. Bishop Brennan has assigned Father Keller as Associate Pastor here at Saint Cecilia Parish and Chaplain at Bishop Ready High School effective on July 14, 2020. He will also be assisting with Latino Ministry in the West Deanery. Bishop Brennan has assigned Father Patrick Watikha AJ as Associate Pastor in the Scioto County Catholic Community (a consortium of parishes) in the Portsmouth, Ohio area. This is also effective on July 14, 2020.

I am sure that many of you are surprised by these assignments, and I can share with you that the same is true for both Father Patrick and I since we were informed of these changes only a few days ago. I believe that I have shared with you my latest acronym, SNED (Something New Every Day). I am also sure that being the parish community that we are, that all of us are most grateful for Father Patrick’s ministry with us this past year, and that we pray that his new ministry will be a blessing to those in Scioto County as it has been for us. I am also sure that we will welcome Father Keller with open arms. We remember both Father Patrick and Father Keller in our prayer intentions.

God’s blessings!

Father Leo Connolly