Masks Required at Mass

As most are aware, Franklin County is one of several counties in Ohio that has been designated as being on a Level 3 Public Emergency and is close to being on Level 4 in terms of the COVID-19 situation. Civil authorities have mandated the wearing of masks. Diocesan authorities have asked parishes to remind people of the mandate and its importance, and to remind people of the Dispensation from Weekend Obligation should you be concerned about the mask issue.

When a county is designated “red”, or a “Level 3 Public Emergency” is declared, two things happen:

(1) It is mandatory that people in indoor public places wear masks. Masks are also required in outdoor public spaces in which 6 ft social distancing cannot be maintained;

(2) As a corollary, persons over the age of 10 attending “religious services” are mandated per the Governor’s order to wear masks, unless exempt for medical reasons.

This will be an ever-changing situation depending on a number of factors related to the COVID-19 Coronavirus – at times some counties may be added, and at other times other counties may be removed from this list. Please refer to this link for updates on Franklin county, and all the counties in Ohio: