Preschool Flower Sale

The flowers from Darby Creek Nursery are always beautiful, and we are looking forward to selling their products again this year. St. Cecilia Preschool will be selling 10 inch and 14 inch hanging baskets, 10 inch geranium porch pots, and 12 inch combination annual porch pots. You may also purchase a gift certificate to go to the nursery and pick out your own annual flowers and/or vegetable flats. Please return all order forms and money no later than April 12th. Order forms can be found in the Parish Office, as well as in the church gathering space. You may also download a copy of the flyer and order form by clicking the links below.

Flower Sale Flyer

Flower Sale Order Form

Flowers will be delivered to the school on Monday, May 3rd.  Flower pick up will begin at 11:30am and go until 6:00pm in the Parish Center (gym). All proceeds go to support the preschool, and as always your help is greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Jakubick at 614-878-0134.

Please make all checks payable to St. Cecilia Preschool.