Real Presence Real Future Consultation Sessions

As the Diocese considers how to address certain needs of our parishes, parishioners from across the Diocese are invited to provide feedback and offer insights and perspective to drafted parish models created by the Catholic Leadership Institute.  The main goal of the Real Presence Real Future initiative is to help us as a wider Church in the Diocese of Columbus bring an encounter with the healing power of Jesus Christ.   However, another large part of the Real Presence Real Future initiative is to provide strategic planning to be good stewards of our resources; namely material resources, people, and priests. For instance, in ten years, there will only be sixty (60) “pastorable” (i.e. priests who will have enough experience to lead a parish community) for 106 parishes in the Diocese of Columbus. Obviously, by strict numbers, this is not an ideal ratio for healthy priests. We need to consider new models of administration for our parishes, so that our priests can engage in pastoral care in a more meaningful way, without the burden of having to drive between five parishes in an assignment.

Some of this strategic planning for Real Presence Real Future may include suggestions to consolidate or possibly close existing parishes.  Please note that no decisions have been made regarding any parish and none will be made until your feedback helps guide this process.  By listening to the needs of our people and hearing your ideas, concerns and desires, this process will help determine the best path forward to increase the presence of the Church throughout the Diocese of Columbus.

Two consultation sessions will be held online via Zoom for St. Cecilia.  They are scheduled for next Monday, October 25th and Wednesday, October 27th from 6:30pm – 8:30pm. Parishioner participation in these sessions is critical to helping shape the future of the Diocese of Columbus and our parish. Every parishioner is encouraged to participate. Members from The Catholic Leadership Institute will present draft models of what changes they suggest for not only St. Cecilia, but also surrounding parishes and the Diocese.  The feedback you provide will help shape new draft models for review again in early 2022. 

You only need to attend one of the two designated sessions. It’s important to note that each individual participating should have their own electronic device (computer, tablet, smart phone, etc.) in order to respond to the live Zoom polls that will take place during the session. You can and are encouraged to participate from the comfort of your home. Registration is required to participate:  Once you register, you will be sent an email with the specific link to attend the online consultation session.  

For any parishioners who are unable to participate from home, do not have access to the technology needed, or who need assistance, we are offering space here at St. Cecilia for parishioners to gather to participate in the sessions. We will plan to use Meeting Rooms A&B for both days. You must also register in advance if you plan to participate from St. Cecilia using the link included below or by contacting the parish office at (614) 878-5353. This second registration is only necessary if you will not be participating virtually from home. Please register for the in-person participation by October 20th using the link here:

If you have any questions about these parish consultation questions, please contact the parish office at (614) 878-5353. Thank you in advance for your participation in these sessions as it will be a tremendous help in guiding the future for the Diocese of Columbus and St. Cecilia Parish!