The 1% Challenge

Resolve to spend more time with Jesus this Lent! A couple of weeks ago, we heard at all the Masses about the 1% Challenge.  The challenge is to encourage each of us to spend 1% (14 minutes and 24 seconds) of our day reading scripture/praying. The Challenge addresses the importance of scripture, especially as a way that God speaks directly to our heart. It invites each person to think of their priorities. As a part of this challenge, we will be doing a Lectio to the story of Martha and Mary; special cards can be found in the Gathering Space. The Challenge will address different anxieties in the world, the importance of serving AND being still, and allowing the Lord to speak to us. The ways our life can be impacted by us choosing to be with the Lord. 

One of the most common resolutions among Christians is to “pray more.” This desire is beautiful, but amidst a very busy daily life filled with work, family, social and other engagements, it can be extremely difficult to put this desire into actual practice. Yet the fact remains: prayer is vitally important for the sake of our own hearts and sanity.