The Appeal

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

As disciples of Jesus, we are inspired to follow His example to love one another.  The Appeal (previously know as The Bishop’s Annual Appeal) gives us the opportunity to support the good works and ministries that brings hope to many of our brothers and sisters throughout the 23 counties of our Diocese.

The overall goal for the Diocese this year is $7 million. Our goal to contribute to that is $110,366. Our response to the Appeal is one way to share our blessings with our neighbors and to express our gratitude for all the blessings that our most loving God bestowed on us. One of the more powerful works of our appeal is that they help us coordinate our service to the poor, and the vital social services that our diocese oversees.

The Appeal begins this weekend.  I know there are many obligations and concerns facing each of you and your families, but please consider supporting the ministries and programs made possible through the generosity of the people of faith.  Your gift will support the religious education of our children, the programs presented by the Office of Marriage and Family Life, the education of our seminarians and deacons, the ministries facilitated by the Office of Social Concerns, and many other vital programs that help to further Christ’s work on earth.  The money that is collected above and beyond our parish goals will come back to help some worthwhile and necessary project in our parish here at St. Cecilia.  The project for this year will be to replenish our Capital Improvement Fund, which we have used to re-pave our parking lot, and for anticipation of the much-needed updates to our campus infrastructure.

To accomplish these projects, I am asking every registered parish family and individual to consider a gift of $300.  Some may not be able to give as much, and some others may be able to give more. Regardless of the gift, your participation is greatly appreciated! I am confident that together, with everyone’s participation, our parish will exceed our goal and we will be able to accomplish projects and reclaim funds that have already been spent on some very important and worthwhile projects in our parish. 

Donation envelopes were mailed to all of our registered parishioners last week.  Envelopes can also be found in the pews and in the Gathering Space.  You can also make a donation to The Appeal online at  

I thank you for the generosity that you have all demonstrated in the 140 years of St. Cecilia’s presence on the west side. Together we have demonstrated a powerful presence of Christ’s love here. Let us continue that in our efforts with the Appeal!

Sincerely yours in Christ,
 Fr. Nic Ventura