Real Presence, Real Future Final Results

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Currently, in our present moment, our chief Shepherd, Bishop Fernandes, has released his final decisions regarding Real Presence, Real Future. We should still pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit that one, we continually realize our call to be good stewards, and two, to pray for parishes and communities who will be experiencing change and growth in this period of transition. As our chief shepherd, Bishop Fernandes has the right and the duty to exercise good stewardship of the people and territories entrusted to his care, and we, as members of the Diocese owe our respect and obedience and prayers for him.

The final results are, after much prayer and discernment, what has been decided to be the best course of action for many parishes in our diocese. There is much to review and much to pray for. Before offering any commentary, which we are allowed to do as any free person, be sure to offer any thoughts or feelings up to the Sacred Heart of Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Only within the context of prayer and discernment can the Church rightly steward the physical realities we experience in time.

St. Cecilia may not be changing much in the final results, but we are growing – especially with the influx of new companies in Columbus and also the much-needed ministry to our brothers and sisters who speak Spanish. St. Cecilia, for now over 140 years, provides the message of Jesus Christ and the Sacrifice of the Mass to the West Side of Columbus. Let us continue this tradition of honoring our Lord and praying for the entire Church, especially in the Diocese of Columbus.

As of 9:00am this morning, the Real Presence, Real Future final results have been made public. Please note that St. Cecilia is listed under Planning Group 3 South.  Here’s where you can go to find the information:

Let us keep each other in prayer,
 Fr. Nic Ventura