Parish Registration Forms

For your convenience, the forms below can be completed electronically. Simply click the applicable link below, save the completed form to your computer, then email the attachment to the Parish Office: email@ceciliachurch.orgOr, complete the form, print, then send to the Parish Office or drop in the Offertory Collection basket during weekend Mass.

If you are new to the area or a grown child earning an income, you are encouraged to become a registered member of our parish. For Diocesan Census purposes we ask that you fill in all blank boxes and include any date(s) Sacraments were received. If you have any questions, contact our Parish Office (614-878-5353 or email@ceciliachurch.orgNOTE: For an older child no longer in the household, just the CHANGE form should be completed and sent to the Parish Office.

Family Registration Form  For new parishioners and grown young adult earning an income.

Additional Family Members Registration Form

Family CHANGE(S) Form  To be used for a currently registered family with a new baby, home address, older child no longer in the household, etc.