Adult Education

“And it happened that while they were conversing and debating, Jesus drew himself near and walked with them” (Luke 24:15)

Many adult Catholics have questions about what the Church teaches and why, and would like to explore their questions openly in a community of faith. The Emmaus story in Luke’s gospel shows us we are not much different from the early Church – they too questioned and had to put effort into understanding how what they believed mattered to the rest of their lives. It is good to meet our faith as intelligent, seeking adults, and especially when we do this with others, Jesus himself is with us.

The continuation and growth of this ministry will depend on your support. First, we ask for your prayers – that we may speak and act in truth and love to share God’s goodness. Second, we ask for your attendance at the events. And third, of course, we’ll need volunteers! If you are interested in organizing or helping with childcare, hospitality and refreshments, publicity, etc., for one or more of the events, please contact the parish office at 614-878-5353.